IT Service Partners (ITSP)


The IT Service Partner (ITSP) Program is a business relationship management function within TTS to ensure we develop and sustain productive partnerships with the schools and divisions at Tufts regarding business and technology opportunities and challenges.

How it works

The intent is to connect senior TTS leaders with the senior leadership of divisions and schools as trusted advisors who can develop deep insight into how technology can enable the strategic mission of the organization. ITSPs should be proactive and help the client partner think beyond current needs. They also assist with exploration and discovery of potential new projects and capabilities, review the current project and service portfolio, connect with clients with similar needs, ensure service issues are resolved in a timely manner, and maintain and improve relationship health and engagement over time.


ITSPs meet with business partners monthly or quarterly, depending on the needs of the client.

Contact Information
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ITSP and Client Partner Relationships




Client Partner

Boston-HealthSci Dental Theresa Regan Mark Gonthier
Boston-HealthSci Medical & Sackler Theresa Regan

Tom Malone

Scott Epstein

Naomi Rosenberg

Boston-HealthSci Friedman Patrick Connell

Edward Kleifgen

Krissy Day

Boston-HealthSci HNRCA TBD

Mark Wesley

Bonnie Myers


Greg Mahoney

Paul Bergen

Nancy Bauer

Caleb Davis

Greg D'Angelo

Grafton Cummings Vet Theresa Regan Joe McManus
Medford Arts & Sciences Paul Bergen

Jim Hurley

Tony Luongo

Medford Engineering Lionel Zupan James Sarazen
Medford ASE- Student Services & Admissions


Linda Snell

Karen Richardson


Medford Fletcher Thom Cox

Jerry Sheehan

Cyndi Rubino

Medford Tisch College Larry Thomas

Diane Ryan

Kathy O'Connor

Medford Finance


Joe DeRoeve

James Walsh

John Homich

Jim Hurley

Medford Human Resources


Joe DeRoeve

Kim Ryan

Anne Spangler

Medford Tufts Support Services (TSS)


Joe DeRoeve

Dick Doolin

Peter Barone

Shelby Christian

Melanie Foley

Medford Operations Applications


Joe DeRoeve

Ray Wallett

Donna Golemme
Medford Operations Infrastructure Phil Pascale Donna Golemme
Medford Office of the Provost Chris Sedore

Debbie Kochevar

Celia Campbell

Medford Office of the Vice Provost for Research Lionel Zupan

Simin Nikbin Meydani

Kara Charmanski


Medford Provost - Institutional Research and Evaluation Larry Thomas

Jessica Sharkness

Dawn Terkla

Medford Advancement Mark Damian

Marah Atwell

Craig Williams

Shawn Tuttle

Medford University Relations Lorna Koppel

Mary Jeka

Akiyo Fujii

Medford UR - University Communications & Marketing (UCM)

Angie Milonas


Jean Ayers

Dave Nusher

Max Green

Medford Office of the EVP Chris Sedore Mike Howard
Medford DISC Paul Bergen

TBD - Exec Director

Simin Meydani, Vice Provost for Research

ALL University Libraries Charlotte Keys

Tufts Library Council

Dorothy Meaney

Eric Albright

Betsy Like

Dan Santamaria