Our Organization

We are organized into four families of practice

TTS created four families of practice to increase expertise and coordination across teams responsible for the design and delivery of IT services, and strengthen capacity in service areas specific to Tufts’ mission.

Families of Practice seek to strengthen and deepen the departments impact in the areas of service innovation, operational improvements, and organizational effectiveness.

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TTS Org Structure Updated

Planning and Design

The Planning & Design Practice promotes the strategic alignment of TTS’ services, fosters investment decisions that result in long-term value to the Tufts community and implements human-centered design methodologies to ensure that IT services and solutions are accessible and sustainable.

Data Strategy and Management

The Data Strategy & Management Practice is focused on securing, managing, and maximizing the value of university data.

Academic Technology

The Academic Technology Practice develops and supports and advances teaching, learning, research, and scholarship at Tufts.

Service Delivery & Operations

The Service Delivery & Operations Practice ensures the successful development, coordination and delivery of enterprise applications, infrastructure, client support, and clinical systems services that anticipate and meet the academic, research, and business needs of the Tufts University community.

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