Business Planning and Administration

"We should all be fiscally responsible stewards of Tufts resources."


Business Planning and Administration (BPA) design, plan, and manage the business aspects of TTS by providing financial, human resources, marketing and communications, knowledge and learning, and administrative support services to all TTS staff and, in many cases, to the Tufts community at large.  BPA also oversees TTS’ enterprise software management program, which aims to make value-added software products available and affordable to the broadest possible audience at Tufts by implementing cost-effective software licensing arrangements, overseeing enterprise-wide software purchases and renewals that facilitate licensing compliance, and providing self-service software access online.


  • Planning IT Investments for TTS and Central Divisions
    • Operating Budget Requirements
    • Capital Budget Development
    • Project Portfolio Management
  • Multi-year IT Cost Analysis and Funding Models
  • TTS Organizational and Resource Planning
  • University-wide IT Learning and Training Programs
  • Enterprise Software and Volume License Program
  • TTS Services Marketing & Communications
  • HR and Payroll Support to TTS Management related to:
    • Recruitment & Hiring
    • Affirmative Action
    • Employee Relations
    • Compensation Analysis
    • Hourly Payroll Processing
    • Exempt Time Off Reporting
  • TTS Buildings and Facilities Support
Contact Information
Angie Milonas, Director