Data & Systems Security for Tufts Dental School

"The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards." - Gene Spafford


Data & Systems Security for the Tufts Dental School focuses on developing a strategic and comprehensive program for the Tufts Dental School that defines, creates, maintains and implements policies and procedures that enable consistent, effective data privacy and security practices which minimize risk and ensure the confidentiality of protected information (PII/PHI/etc.), paper and/or electronic, across all media types. Ensures all policies, procedures, forms, and standards are up to date.  Maintain working knowledge of legislative and regulatory initiatives. Interprets and translates requirements for implementation. Works with administration, legal counsel, TTS Information Security, and other related parties to represent the organization’s information security interests with external parties (state or local government bodies) who undertake to adopt or amend privacy legislation, regulation or standard. Certifies that all systems meet predetermined security requirements. Cooperates with the Office of Civil Rights, other legal entities, and organization officers in any compliance reviews or investigations and serve as information privacy and security resource to the organization regarding release of information and to all departments/clinics for all privacy /security related issues.


Key services supporting the needs of the Tufts Dental School include:

  • IT Data Security & Compliance Program Management
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Workforce Awareness & Training
  • Program Monitoring & Auditing
  • Innovation Evaluations
Contact Information
Jill LeClare, Program Manager