Design Practice

Design Thinking can help us solve complex and ambiguous problems, energize and align teams to work more efficiently together, and arrive at solutions that are pragmatic, innovative, delightful, and cost effective!


The Design Practice brings together knowledge areas of service design, user experience, enterprise architecture, and software development to frame and solve critical and complex problems, and deliver compelling solutions and engaging experiences.


The Design Practice exists to make people's lives simpler, more satisfying, and more productive. We strive to bring value to students, faculty, and staff. Our innovative and human-centered processes encompass the entire user journey resulting in a coordinated, satisfying, and differentiated Tufts experience.

Contact Information
Thom Cox, Director Design Practice
TTS Design Team


Design Thinking Consultation: When partnering with you on your project, the Design Practice deploys tools from our design toolkit to better understand the problems you are trying to solve, or opportunities you are trying to realize, and then works with you to devise solutions that meet your needs. Core values of flexibility, agility, adaptability, and generosity characterize our approach.

Technology Strategy Consultation: In one or more working sessions, our enterprise architects can help you think through thorny technology application and integration issues.

Design Thinking Workshop: Learn the fundamental processes and methodologies of human-centered design and acquire new tools for the creation of services and products users will love.

Architecture Review: The Design Practice enables you to achieve positive and cohesive university-wide results by ensuring that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the proposed solutions and approve of its design.

Service Enhancement: Engage our team to improve the user experience or service design, or to augment the functionality, of an existing service or application.

Service Innovation: Engage our full spectrum of talents in user experience, service design, visual design, architecture and software development to change the way you deliver service and/or reach new audiences.


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