Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations

"We're changing the world with technology." - Bill Gates


Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations (EI&O) provides the foundation on which all technical services across the University rely.  EI&O manages TTS's 24/7 centralized data centers, which provide hosting for all systems and servers as well as a secure environment in which groups across Tufts may host their applications. EI&O maintains many of the University’s enterprise systems, including those that support email and calendaring, research computing, Trunk, student information systems, PeopleSoft tools, printing, network resources, and the University’s web presence.  In addition, EI&O is responsible for Tufts wired and wireless networks and Tufts’ connection to the outside world through remote collaboration tools, telephony, and email. 


EI&O provides a variety of services both customer-facing as well as critical back-end services ranging from network, to technical planning, to telecommunications, data and systems security, and enterprise operations and support (see Enterprise Operations & Support).

Network Administration

  • Border Routing
  • Datacenter Load Balancing
  • Datacenter Network Switching
  • DHCP & DNS Service and Servers
  • Distribution Routing
  • Inter-campus Connectivity
  • IP Address Management System
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Wired and Wireless Network Connectivity and Access

Data Communications

  • CATV
  • Maintenance and License Agreements for Equipment Vendors
  • Distribution of Cable RFQ's
  • Construction and Technology Cable Project Management
  • Voice and Data Jack Activation
  • Dig-Safe Ticket Co-ordination
  • Maintain TTS Wiring Specifications

Consultation and Support Services

  • Construction and Technology Project Cable Consultations
  • Off-hours Network and Cable Support
  • Telephone Support

Enterprise Administration and Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • Combined Hardware and Software Life Cycle Management
  • Platform Support/UNIX Management
  • System Hardening, Firewalls, and Certificates
  • Local and Remote Printing
  • File System Management
  • System Configuration, Performance, and Account Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Virtualized Infrastructure

Consultation and Support Services for Enterprise Admin & Infrastructure/Enterprise Services

  • Research, Evaluation,and Selection of Hardware/Software/Monitoring Packages
  • Project Requirement Definition and Technical Assessment
  • Commercial and Open Source Application Implementation
  • Research Cluster Infrastructure Support
  • Viswall Support


Enterprise Services

  • Active Directory and LDAP Services
  • Enterprise Email (Exchange 2010) Infrastructure
  • Windows Platform Support Services
  • Print Infrastructure
  • Procurement and Support of SSL Certificates
  • Network Storage (Netapp)
  • Virtualized Services

Database Administration

  • Architecture and Design of Physical Infrastructure
  • Architecture and Design of Database Environments
  • Management of Software Life Cycle
  • PeopleSoft Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Vendor Management

Consultation and Support Services

  • On-call 24 hour Support

Voice Comm Services

  • Audio, Desktop, Remote, and Room Videoconferencing
  • Calling Cards
  • Emergency Telephones
  • Menu Trees/Automated Attendants
  • Voicemail Services / Remote Notification and Unified Messaging
  • Residential Student Telephone Service
  • VoIP Solutions

Computer Operations

Data Center - Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Fire Protection & Alarm System
  • Monitor of Power, Environmental Controls, and Surveillance
  • Server/Data Physical Security
  • Monitor Server Connectivity

Data Center - Operations

  • Network Backups, Tape Encryption, and Restores
  • Server Maintenance Contract Oversight
  • Move Implementation Services
  • Offsite Storage
  • Operation Level (OLA) & Service Level (SLA) Agreements
  • Track TTS Hardware Assets
  • Hardware Upgrade/Replace Failed Components

Contact the 24/7 TTS Service Desk by calling 617-627-3376 or emailing it@tufts.edu.


  • Application Administration
  • Client Support
  • Network Services - Phil Pascale, Director
  • Technical Planning
  • Telecommunications - Deb Mascara, Program Manager
  • Data & Systems Security - Jill Leclare, Program Manager
  • IT Infrastructure Services - Dan Van Dae, Manager
  • Enterprise Operations & Support - TBD, Director

See Enterprise Infrastructure Org Chart

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