Service Planning and Assessment

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett


Service Planning and Assessment (SPA) turns business ideas and technology solutions into services.  We provide strategic business development services encompassing business and marketing plans, portfolio management, and community engagement programs to enable IT services and investment decisions resulting in long-term value to the Tufts community. 


Some of the key goals for SPA include to:

Handshake Partnerships Foster productive partnerships with schools and divisions to ensure strategic alignment, coordinated planning and shared accountability that enables informed investment decisions.


Process Establish planning and assessment as commonly applied practices to help TTS offer relevant, value-added IT services.



Promote awareness, access and adoption of IT services to realize the full potential and expected value from the university’s investments.

Contact Information
Angie Milonas, Director
Larry Thomas, Director


  • Knowledge & Learning - Karen Gratiano, Manager
  • Service Marketing & Communications - Christine Fitzgerald, Manager
  • TTS Project Services 
  • IT Service Management - Kevin Murphy, Manager
  • Service Management
    • Michael McNulty, Sr. Analyst
    • Laura Clarage, Analyst
  • Business Planning and Administration (BPA), Angie Milonas Director


See Service Planning and Assessment's Org Chart

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