Mailing List Policy

Use of mailing list facilities is governed by the Tufts University Information Stewardship Policies and Tufts University Policies for Tufts Email Accounts and Addresses. Mailing lists may be used for legitimate purposes related to teaching, course-work, research, administration at Tufts University and university sanctioned student activities. Commercial use of mailing lists, except for authorized Tufts University business is prohibited.

  • Every mailing list will have at least one Tufts' owner or a group of owners who will be actively involved in managing the mailing list.
  • List owners have the following responsibilities:
    • Owners are accountable for maintaining compliance with the Information Stewardship Policies and need to report violations to the appropriate authorities. If you are unsure who the appropriate authorities are, please send mail to
    • Owners need to monitor the list and make sure that the content of the communications is within the purview of the intended purpose of the list as declared during the creation of the list.
    • Owners need to keep the subscription list current at all times.
    • Owners need to analyze error messages and take appropriate action based on the headers.
    • Owners need to respond quickly to communication from Technology Services.
    • Owners need to assign an "alternate owner" who must check email if the primary owner is unable to do so for more than 2 days.
    • Owners need to move the archives (for those lists that are archived) out of the mailing list area every 3 months.
    • Owners need to inform Technology Services when the list is no longer needed so that it may be deleted. If there is a list that has had no activity for three months, Technology Services will delete the list after notifying the owners.