Tufts Off-Campus, Telecommuting, and Personal Devices Guidelines

Purpose and Scope

These Guidelines describe actions you can take to protect Tufts information and resources when working outside the Tufts on-campus computing and network infrastructure and when using personal devices. By reviewing these Guidelines, you will become familiar with industry best practices and the University's expectations when using or accessing computing resources and/or Tufts data from "off-campus" and when using personal devices.

These Guidelines include expectations for the use of both Tufts provided and managed devices and personally-owned devices when working off-campus and for the use of personally-owned devices when working on- or off-campus. However, these Guidelines do not specifically address expectations when traveling, whether domestically or internationally, or when working remotely from outside the United States.

Overview of Technology Guidelines

  1. Tufts Provided and Managed Laptops and Desktops
  2. Personally-owned Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones, and Other Devices
  3. ALL DEVICES: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones, and Other Devices - both Tufts provided and personally-owned
  4. Accessing Tufts Services using the Tufts Network
  5. Data Management
  6. Selling, Transferring, or Disposing of any Device: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax Machine, USB Stick, and External Hard Drives
  7. Reporting Lost Devices and other Security Incidents

Your Responsibilities

When working remotely with Tufts information or resources or when using a personally-owned device, you are responsible for your working environment. You are responsible for protecting Tufts data and systems and for complying with all related laws and regulations and University policies, guidelines, licenses, and agreements.

The policies you are required to follow include, without limitation, the Business Conduct Policy, Information Stewardship Policy, Use of Institutional Systems Policy, Data Classification and Handling Policy, and Information Roles and Responsibilities Policy, Email Policy, Box Use Guideline, Cloud Computing Services Policy, and Records Policies and Guidelines. You are also responsible for following any policies or guidelines your unit, school, or office has developed that may play additional restrictions on working remotely and/or using personally-owned devices.

You are expected to routinely monitor university communications on policy changes and comply with changes in all applicable policies and guidelines.


Download the full policy (PDF)