Add 2FA to a Personal Account

Refresh your understanding of 2FA and learn how to setup on personal accounts.

Square #25

  1. Need a refresher on the 2FA Basics? This video will give you a quick overview. YouTube Video - What is Two-Factor Authentication? (2FA)
  2. Watch this YouTube Video - How to Use a Password Manager to Keep your Passwords Safe
    • Here you’ll find good advice about passwords, 2FA and Password Managers. So it comes with a Bonus. It’s also part of:
      • Square 2 – Passwords – Your Key to Privacy, and
      • Square 14 - Hire Your Own Password Manager
      • Watch once – counts in 3 squares.
  3. Learn the most important accounts to protect with 2FA
  4. Think about some of your accounts that should be protected by 2FA. Make a plan to add 2FA to them. Here’s quick links. Don’t forget your financial accounts!

Want to Learn More About 2FA

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