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The TTS Service Desk is available to help faculty, students, and staff with wireless and email configuration support on all standard mobile devices. In addition, the TTS mobile device tipsheets and quick guides provide configuration steps for Exchange email on mobile devices. 

The Medford campus has several walk-in computing facilities with a range of services, including access to Macs, PCs, printing, Internet access, and specialized software.

Your Tufts Password, when used with your Tufts Username, provides access to many of the Tufts networks’ most common systems and applications, including email, network log in and drive (P:, Q: R:) access, Spark, Trunk, library services, and many more.

Your Tufts Username (formerly called a UTLN) is a unique sequence of letters and numbers used to identify you to Tufts computer systems, networks, and online services, such email, network storage drives, and much more.