Antivirus Applications

Antivirus software that is kept up-to-date with the latest virus signatures is critical for the safety and security of Tufts as well as yourself.

Tufts Owned or Managed Computers

Tufts provides antivirus software for all university-owned or Tufts-managed computers. If your Tufts-configured or managed computer does not have antivirus installed or if you have a question about the antivirus software, call the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or send email to

Personal Computers

It is critical that Faculty, staff, and students make sure your antivirus is installed and running properly on personal computers.  There are a number of antivirus options both that are free and for purchase.

  • Trend Micro: Faculty, Staff, and students may purchase a version of Trend Micro through the university at a discount. Instructions are located at
  • Other inexpensive or free antivirus options: Many of the vendors offer both a free version and a paid-version that has more features. We suggest you download or buy these directly from the vendor’s site or through a reputable store such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  Make sure that when downloading software, the website is a trusted site like, or the primary vendor. 

Some free and for-purchase antivirus sites:

Important Note:  

Never purchase or load antivirus software based on a pop-up or through a link sent to you in email (unless you just ordered it and it is the installation message).  If you want that vendor’s product, always go to the original vendor site or a known-good distribution site.  Why?  It is a common approach of criminals to use a pop-up or an email link to try to trick you into downloading software that also has malicious software embedded into it and/or that they are trying to steal your credit card through a fake purchase process.

Antivirus for Phones & Tablets

There are antivirus apps that can be loaded on phones and tablets too.  Always purchase these products through the known vendor-approved and tested phone/tablet software site. 

Some examples include:

Choosing an Antivirus Product

With numerous choices for antivirus products it can seem overwhelming to make a decision, and not all products maintain their effectiveness.  When choosing between different antivirus products, consider things like your operating system, budget, extra features, and ease of use.  In addition to the vendor sites, here are some other websites to consider for information.