What is BioCyc?

  • Comprehensive data collection for sequenced organisms

  • Website with extensive search and analysis tools

  • Portal to access Pathway Tools software 

What are the major features of BioCyc?

  • Genome Browser

  • Omics Data Analysis

  • Metabolic Route Search

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Sequence Analysis

How Do I Access BioCyc?

  1. Connect to the Tufts network, either on campus of via VPN.

  2. Visit

  3. You should see “Tufts University Subscriber” in the header bar

  4. (Optional) Make an account and log in

How Do I Get Started with BioCyc?

BioCyc offers a number of tutorials on their webinars page. These webinars introduce the user to BioCyc, how to use their suite of bioinformatics tools, how to create custom databases, and how to structure advanced queries. 


Tufts users are encouraged to reach out to the BioCyc Support Team for both technical and scientific questions regarding BioCyc use. 

Research Technology staff are also available for questions and can be reached at