General Information

General Information

Cohen Auditorium is equipped to handle small to medium sized performances, and all lectures and conferences. 

Cohen has an ETC Element console 148 dimmers controlling the both the Stage and house lights The stage lights are configured in a house hang that provides several areas of front light with a variety of top, side and back light. In addition there are nine moving light on the front of house truss that can be programmed for special uses. See Cohen Lighting Inventory on the Technical Documents page for more information.

The sound system front end is a Soundcraft GB4 mixing console. The house has a number of wireless microphones, both hand held and lavaliere that can be used for performance, classroom use and lectures. There are 16 audio channels available on stage via an audio snake and a variety of wired microphones for small live music performances. In the case of larger live music events requiring advanced reinforcement, Tufts A/V Services can be engaged for and additional charge. See Cohen Sound Inventory on the Technical Documents page for more information.

For classes, lectures and presentations Cohen has a state-of-the arts A/V system with an EIKI projector, high-resolution screen and BluRay capabilities controlled by a digital Crestron switching system that integrates multiple video, computer and audio sources. Onstage there is a 19-6 wide high-resolution screen, video can also be sent to monitors in the lobby and the green room. There is a wireless headset system with 8 belt pack/headsets and a fixed monitor station in the greenroom. See Cohen Technology for Teaching below for more information.

Use of the lighting, sound and A/V systems requires trained in-house personnel to operate. The Cohen staff can handle most all lighting and basic sound needs. For events that require sound reinforcement beyond a simple lecture level it is necessary to make arrangements with AV services.

NOTE: Student groups must print, sign and return a copy of the Cohen Auditorium Responsible Use Agreement no later than 2 weeks prior to a scheduled event.


  • Priority for use of Cohen auditorium is as follows: Academic Classes, Central Administration events, Academic departments, other university departments, student organizations, and lastly outside users.
  • Cohen Auditorium is open in the daytime for classes and scheduled events. If the room is open between classes, student may rehearse on the stage, on an ad hoc basis no props are allowed, and music playback is limited to personal devices only. However reservations must be made.
  • No food or drink is allowed in Cohen Auditorium at any time. Exceptions are made for water bottles, (clear liquids only). No coffee, no soda, no glass containers.
  • Stage equipment, lighting controls, touch panels, and lecterns are for use by trained personnel only.
  • All events must be scheduled ahead of time and confirmed; 3 weeks ahead for most events. Cohen Auditorium personnel staff all events and are present while the theatre is in use. There are charges for most uses. The charges vary greatly depending on the nature and complexity of the event. The Cohen manager can give you an estimate of costs beforehand.
  • Cohen Auditorium is reserved using the EMS reservation system. Reservations must be confirmed before users are assured access to the space. Confirmations are made via email and will detail what other requirements needed to be made prior to access. It is the user's responsibility to contact the Cohen manager in sufficient time (at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of the event) to make arrangements and complete all necessary paperwork.
  • On campus users must be either from an academic or administrative department or from a student organization that is recognized by the TCU and have their own DeptID number. Departments may not act as a front for non-Tufts organizations. If a department is bringing in an outside organization, they must act as a sponsor and be actively involved in the production and promotion of the event and the outside. Non-Tufts users not connected to a departmental event must use either the Conference and Special Events office or Community Relations as a vehicle. Community Relations limits their involvement to non-profit organizations that have a direct connection to the surrounding Tufts community.
  1. Including performers on stage, live attendance in Cohen Auditorium will be capped at 110 people total.  Participation is restricted to performers, stage management, technicians, house management and audience, be they invited or ticketed.  Only Tufts affiliates: (Students, Staff and Faculty are allowed on campus for events.) A list of all potential attendees (again, no more than 110 people total) who fall into one of those categories must be submitted to the Cohen Manager at least two business days prior to the event. Cohen House staff will keep the list with them and check people in as the enter. Attendees must have a Tufts ID with them to be admitted. Note: the balcony is closed to audience members and is to be used only by Cohen technical staff.
  2. All rental events in Cohen Performance Hall must observe the 110  person cap on live attendance. The make-up of attendees is up to the discretion of the event organizers, who must assign at least one person from their production team to assist the Cohen House Management Staff in making sure the cap is not exceeded. Failure to do so could lead to extra charges and/or loss of the ability to rent the spaces for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year only Tufts affiliates: (Students, Staff and Faculty are allowed on campus for events.)
  3. For Fall 2020, no singing, brass, or woodwind performance is allowed. Rentals involving dancing are similarly unlikely to be approved due to the current understanding of best practice, safe social distancing by dancers.  Cohen auditorium will be permitting the following  activities:
  • All Participants at a minimum of six feet apart, or 36 square feet per person
  • Academic Instruction
  • Piano and Strings
  • Percussion without movement
  1. All live audience members must adhere to university guidelines regarding PPE, Cohen egress patterns, and socially distant seating rules as noted on posted signage in the hall. Additionally, prior to leaving the event, all audience members are responsible for sanitizing their seats as per a protocol to be announced in the near future. Sanitization supplies will be provided by Cohen Management via procurement from the university.
  2. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Tufts Technology Services and Cohen Auditorium Management. 

All scheduled events (except classes) in Cohen Auditorium are required to have a staff person be present at all times. That staff person may be either a House Manager or House Technician depending on the nature of the event. The staff will open the space for the users and secure it at the completion of the event, and will be available to answer questions and help the users during the event.

Light Board Operators and sound technicians are provided as needed for technical rehearsals, lectures and performances.  The staff should be able to handle most lecture and theatrical lighting and sound needs. Events requiring complicated sound such as live music performances and /or additional equipment will still require using AV Services.  Users will have to make separate arrangement for that which will be billed separately by AV services.

Rental rates include the cost of staff persons while the theatre is occupied for the first four hours, additional staff charges are incurred after that.


Work lights only, 1 mic if needed. Sound from users device. $105
Includes 1 technician for 4 hours $270
TECHNICAL REHERSALS - first 4 hours or less   
Includes 1 technician for 4hrs & use of lighting and sound system Beyond 4 hours - technician by the hour (see below) $240
Includes 2 Staff (technicians and/or house managers for 4 hrs) Beyond 4 hours. staff by the hour (see below) $440
Additional house managers or technicians each for first 4 hrs. $80
Additional house manager or technician per hour past first 4 hrs. $20
House manager or technician rate after midnight per hour. $30


Video projector per event $25
Follow spots (2) both per event $15
** Multiple performances by the same organization in one day will be charged only the base rate plus any additional hourly rate for staff and equipment use.  

Rates Revised 9/2020

For classroom use, Cohen auditorium is equipped with a teaching lectern from which instructors can control most of the audio/devices in the auditorium including lighting, sound and video projections. Controls of all devices is via a touch panel on the teaching lectern. The touch panel also serves as a monitor for any computer or other device connected to the system.

The following equipment available for teaching:

Video projector

  • Epson L1505 High definition laser projector with 16:10 projection ratios.
  • 20’ wide projection screen, which can be raised and lowered from the teaching lectern. Projector is adjusted to fill the screen in 16:10 configuration

In the lectern

  • Sony Blu-ray player (can play audio, DVDs or Blu-ray disks)

  • PC  - it is connected to the Tufts network and one can sign in using ones UTLN.

  • 2 sets of device inputs, both VGA and HDMI. Compatible with most tablets, phones and other devices. (Mac and tablet users should user should bring the appropriate dongle for their chosen device.)

  • 2 - fixed microphones

  • One wireless microphone with belt-pack (either a clip on or head worn mic is available.)

  • Document camera.

  • Mersive Technology - Solstice wireless streaming from telephone or tablet. Software necessary, either from Apple Store or Goggle Store.


  • Touch panel allows user to control room lighting and audio levels
  • User can easily switch between computer, laptop, document camera or other attached device
  • Onscreen annotation via touch screen - annotation cannot be saved

Lecture Capture

  • Touch panel allows user to control room lighting and audio levels.
  • User can easily switch between computer, laptop, document camera or other attached device.
  • Onscreen annotation via touch screen. Annotation cannot be saved.
  • Lecture capture (Echo 360) - user must have an account arranged through

* New instructors in Cohen should contact Cheryl Schaffer, the Cohen Scheduling and Production manager, prior to the first class to arrange for a training session.

Student Employment in Cohen Auditorium

Cohen Auditorium has a student staff of 25 to 30 individuals who serve as house managers, lighting technicians and sound technicians. Experience is not necessary for house managers, but some basic knowledge of theatrical sound and lighting is helpful. Positions are not exclusive and individuals can work in any area if they are qualified. Training is provided in all areas. Both work-study and non work-study applicants are welcome.

Job Descriptions

House Manager 

Oversee lobby area, train and supervise volunteer ushers and ticket takers, ensure audience safety and sere as communication hub between technicians and event personnel. Some theatre experience is helpful, but not necessary, experience in a customer service field is helpful.

Technician Lighting 

Program and operate lighting console for rehearsals, lectures, performances and other events. Work with directors and designers to achieve their desired look onstage. Assist with maintenance, hanging and focusing of light equipment. Basic knowledge and experience of theatrical lighting is desirable. 

Technician - Sound

Set up and run sound for rehearsal, lectures, performance and other events. Consult with event staff to achieve desired audio quality. Basic knowledge of theatrical sound and audio reinforcement is desirable.

Individuals are not restricted to any one role but may work in any position that they are trained and qualified for. In fact is it is encouraged that one be able to work in as many roles as possible.


  • Works is intermittent depending on the when events are schedule in the theatre, but generally it is during evenings and weekends, there are occasional full day events on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Events in Cohen include meetings, rehearsals, lectures, dance, music performances, theatrical performances and conferences. Staffing levels vary given the nature and complexity of the events.

For more information contact Mark Sullivan, Cohen Scheduling and Production Manager.