VMWare Horizon: Tufts Virtual Desktop (VDI)

VMWare Horizon: Tufts Virtual Desktop (VDI)

The Tufts Virtual Lab provides online access to all licensed software via a virtual Windows 10 interface using our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

You may hear multiple terms:

  • VMWare Horizon is a program used to access the Tufts Virtual Lab. VMWare Horizon can be accessed through the browser, or you could choose to download it as an app on your mobile device or computer.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) a.k.a. Tufts Virtual Lab can be thought of as different names for the same thing - a Windows desktop that you can access. The Tufts Virtual Lab can be accessed from any device (be it personal or Tufts, e.g. Macbook Air, Windows laptop, iPad, etc...) to log in to a Windows computer managed by Tufts. For example, if I’m at home on my personal Mac laptop but need to use Power PDF (a Windows-only application), I can open VDI and connect to a Windows computer.

Please note that VDI does not connect you to your personal Tufts Windows computer. VDI connects you to a default Windows computer with a standard set of applications. The VDI computer will not have your files, shortcuts, or necessarily all the programs you use on a daily basis.

Important note about inactivity: After >1 hour of inactivity if not locked and >4 hours of inactivity even if locked, VDI will automatically close. Be sure to save your work in Box or use a shared folder so your work isn't lost.