Managing WebEx Preferences

Managing WebEx Preferences

From the Preferences section of the home screen, you can manage some of your account settings. Here, we cover some of the more important settings.

WebEx Preferences page
  • Personal Room nameGive your Personal Room a name that is different from the WebEx default.
  • Host PIN – This four-digit number is used when you enter your Personal Room from a video system or call in from a phone. Keep this private! You can change your Host PIN if necessary.
  • Automatic lock – Automatically lock your Personal Room after a set number of minutes.
  • Notification – WebEx will notify you if someone is waiting in your Personal Room lobby.
  • Alternate host – Allow other users to host meetings in your Personal Room without you. Once this box is checked, you can choose to allow any Tufts WebEx user to host in your room or you can specify who you want to be a host in your room.

Audio Connection

  • Audio connection typeDetermines what audio options are available for your scheduled meetings. Select WebEx Audio to allow participants to connect audio via phone or computer (VoIP). Select Use VoIP only to allow audio connection through a computer.
  • Entry and exit tone - Determines the default way in which WebEx will notify you that a participant has joined the audio portion of the meeting: Beep, Announce Name, or No Tone. This can be changed later when you are scheduling meetings.
  • Call me numbers - Pre-load numbers that WebEx can call when you select "Call Me" for your audio connection in a meeting.
  • Audio PIN -  Used for authentication when people call into audio meetings. (This is only used for WebEx Personal Conferencing.)
  • Personal ConferencingDisplays call-in numbers, host access codes, and attendee access codes for WebEx Personal Conferencing.


Video Systems

  • Store up to three video system names and addresses (e.g. These stored addresses will be available to choose from in a dropdown menu when you use the Call My Video System option in WebEx meetings.
  • Join before host - Determine whether attendees can join a scheduled meeting before the start time and select how early they are able join.
  • Email reminder - Determine if and when WebEx sends you a reminder email about a meeting you are scheduled to host.
  • AttendeesCheck this box if you want WebEx to send you a copy of the meeting invite that is sent to attendees.
  • Share recording - Automatically share recordings from Personal Room and scheduled meetings that you host, including recordings initiated by alternate hosts. Attendees will receive an email from WebEx when the recording is ready.
  • Require accountIf this box is checked, participants will only be able to join your meetings if they have a Tufts WebEx account. (Note: If they plan on joining from an audio device, they must have the device’s phone number and an audio PIN set up in their account preferences.)
  • Scheduling permission - Grant others permission to schedule WebEx meetings on your behalf.