Your Personal Room

Your Personal Room

About Your Personal Room

Your Personal Room is a virtual meeting room where you can instantly start a meeting and invite people to join you without scheduling the meeting ahead of time. Unlike scheduled meetings, your Personal Room will always have the same URL and Access Code. Once the meeting has started, the room can be locked so that no one else may enter.

For a quick overview, watch this video from Cisco about using your Personal Room.

Accessing your personal room from the Tufts WebEx home page

In the Personal Room section of the home screen, click More ways to join to get more information about your room, including how to join using a video system or by phone.

  • Room ID/Access Code - Used by others to enter your Personal Room.
  • Host PIN - Used by the host to open their Personal Room over the phone and conference room A/V equipment. Also used to reclaim the host role in Personal Room meetings if necessary.
Personal room info


1. Log in to with your Tufts username and password.

2. Click on Start a Meeting in the Personal Room section. Your Personal Room will load.

Starting a personal room meeting

3. Select your audio and video connections. For more information, see the Audio and Video Options page.

Launching a personal room meeting

4. Click Start Meeting to start your meeting.


Locking a meeting

Once a meeting has started in your Personal Room, you have the ability to lock it so that no one else may enter.

  1. In the upper toolbar, click on Meeting.
  2. Click Lock Meeting.
  3. To unlock the meeting, click Meeting > Unlock Meeting.

Once a meeting is locked, you will be able to see if someone is waiting to join in your lobby. 

Admitting participants from the lobby

The person who is waiting to enter your room will see a message saying that they can join after the are admitted by the host. Clicking Admit will let the participant into the meeting. Clicking the x button will ignore their request.

Ending or Leaving a meeting

1. Click on the red X button in the meeting toolbar.

2. Depending on your role in the meeting, a dialogue window will open with options. If you are the host, one of the options will be to End Meeting, which will end it for everyone. Alternatively, you can select Leave Meeting, which will allow the rest of the participants to continue the meeting without you. If you want someone else to host the meeting in your place, you will need to make them the host before you leave.