Best Practices for Participants

Best Practices for Participants

The Zoom audio and video conferencing service allows users to meet, share content, and collaborate without the need to be in the same room. There are multiple ways to join meetings and interact with the other attendees. The following best practices are recommended to ensure that your meetings are as smooth and productive as possible.


  • RSVP to the host. Let them know you will be attending.
  • Put it on your calendar. Include important information required to join the meeting, such as the meeting number/URL and password.


Set Up

  • Get comfortable. Find a place with good internet or cellular service and little background noise.
    • If you are in a public place, it is recommended that you use a set of headphones with a built-in microphone.
    • If you are joining from a conference room with built-in audiovisual equipment, use the room's equipment.
  • Eliminate distractions. Make it less likely that anything will interrupt your meeting.
    • Let others know you will be in a meeting and shouldn't be disturbed.
    • Close any unnecessary programs on the device you will be using to join the meeting.
    • Turn off or silence other devices.
  • Get everything ready. Save yourself time later.
    • If the host sent out any content ahead of time, have it open and ready to view.
    • If you will be sharing any content, have it open and ready to share.


  • Be on time. If possible, join the meeting 5 minutes early using your desired method.
    • Tip: Connect video. This gives the meeting a more personal feel.
  • Introduce yourself. If appropriate, let the other participants know you have connected. Also, let the host know if you plan on leaving early.


  • Give the presenter the floor. When introductions are done, mute your audio to minimize the amount of noise in the meeting. Learn more about controlling your audio.
  • Speak up. When it's your turn, unmute your audio and speak clearly. There can be a slight delay in audio/video.
    • Keep in mind that the host might be recording the meeting!
  • Be polite. If you need to interrupt, do it in a respectful way. Learn more about Chat and Participant Panels.
    • Option 1: Type your question/comment in the Chat panel.
    • Option 2: Raise your hand in the Participant panel and wait for the host to call on you.
  • Share wisely. Avoid common sharing mistakes.
    • Don't share until it's your turn. Learn more about sharing.
    • If possible, only share one specific application at a time. Avoid sharing your whole screen unless you are comfortable with people seeing everything you have open.
    • Double-check that everyone can see what you are sharing.


  • Exit at the right time. If it's appropriate, let people know you are leaving. If not, just leave quietly.

Follow Up

  • Tie up loose ends. Reach out to the host and/or other participants regarding any outstanding issues that came up during the meeting.
  • Do your part. Is there something that you need to do now that the meeting is done? If so, get it done in a timely fashion.