Statement Page Breakdown

Statement Page Breakdown

A payroll or project statement is created when an individual is directly charged and/or cost-shared to a project. The statement can be viewed at any time.

Both the payroll and project statement page consist of three panes which provide information relevant to the certification process:

  • Work List  Pane
  • Statement Owner Information Pane
  • Statement Pane

payroll statement

Which payroll or project statements display in your search results are dependent on your role. For example, Certifiers will only see their own statements, while RAs will see all statements for their department.

Statements can be searched for in a few ways:

  1. By using the Search Box in the top right corner of ECC.
    search in top right
  2. From the Look-up tab of the Manage section. 
    manage is second tab
  3. Research administrators (RAs) and Central Administrators can also search for employees and projects using the Department Dashboard.

Independent of method used, you can search for an employee’s name, employee ID, project name, project number, department number, or department name.

  • The system will filter all matching results based on the first three characters entered. If you continue typing and the system recognizes an exact match, you will be routed to the appropriate page.
  • If there is more than one match, you will be routed to a Look-Up Page where you can select your desired result.
  • Note: If you are looking up an employee, they must have a payroll statement or the search results will return No Data. If the employee appears on a project statement, you must search for the project.

Note: If you are a Primary RA, you can also find a payroll and/or project statement by:

  1. Click Certify from the top menu bar.
  2. Click My Payroll Statements from the top sub-navigator to route to payroll statements.
  3. Click My Project Statements from the top sub-navigator to route to project statements.
  4. Select any name from the Work List to view that statement.
    Primary RA work list

The top left pane displays the Work List, which is grouped by Certifier. Within each Certifier section, statements will be grouped by status.

Note: You’ll only see Certifiers you have permissions to see; for example, a faculty member will only see themselves, whereas a research administrator (RA) will see all Certifiers in their department.

Work list

  • Click the arrow to the left of a row to expand that section and see the statements.
    Sections like In Progress or Pre-Reviewed
  • Click the blue star in the top right to open a section with statements to view. For example, clicking the blue star in the panel below would automatically open the Statements Requiring Certification pane, where there is a statement to view.
    Blue star on a section title
  • For payroll statements, the top right pane displays information about the person that is being viewed, as well as all of their payroll statements, grouped by status.
    • The current payroll statement being viewed is highlighted in lavender.
    • The blue star next to a section indicates a section where there is information (either user information or a payroll statement to view).
    • Click a statement to jump to that payroll statement’s page.

    Payroll top right pane

  • For project statements, the top right pane displays information about the project for the statement that is being viewed.

    Project top right

If you’re viewing a Payroll Statement, the statement pane displays all sponsored and non-sponsored account which the employee was paid or cost-shared to for the annual period.

The payroll percentage is based off of the employee’s total payroll that is loaded to ECC. This means the percentage may change throughout the year as more data is loaded. At the end of the annual period, the percentage will be based on the employee’s total annual payroll from September 1 – August 31.

payroll statement

  • In ECC, Cost Share will be represented on the same line as the Funding Source. This is so that payroll and cost share appear on one line on the payroll statement.
  • Click the $ icon in the Certified Payroll % column to view the Payroll Report for the individual. This report will provide the payroll transactions that make up the dollar amount (see Reporting for a detailed breakdown of the report screen).
    Certified Payroll Column on right

RAs and Central Administrators only:

If the employee has payroll charged to a sponsored account where the account sponsor emposes a salary cap, and the employee’s salary is over that CAP, you will see a CAP indicator next to the account name. 
CAP salary icon
If you hover over the CAP icon, you will see a cost share calculation appear. The Cost Share percent required is based on the payroll % shown on the statement.

Importantly, this Cost Share icon should only be used as a notification that the employee has a salary cap requirement on the sponsored account; the calculation should not be used to calculate cost share – this is because the 9 over 12 month faculty designation is not considered.

Note: The Certifier cannot view this salary cap indicator when they log in to ECC.

If you’re viewing a project statement, this table lists all employees who were directly charged or cost-shared during the quarter listed.

Project statement

  • In the Action column on the left:
    • Click the $ icon to view the Payroll Report for the individual. This report will provide the payroll transactions that make up the dollar amount (see Reporting for a detailed breakdown of the report screen).
    • Click the file icon to view the 100% payroll view for the individual.

At the bottom of every payroll and project statement. You can add a note or attachment to any statement. A star icon indicates that there are notes, attachments, activity logs, or email logs available to view. Click the arrow to expand and view that section.
Bottom panel

To Add A Note:

1. Click the + icon next to the word Note

2. Type in your desired note.

3. Click Save.

To Add an Attachment:

1. Click the paperclip icon next to the word Attachment.

2. Browse for the desired file to attach. ECC only accepts gif, jpg, tiff and pdf formats

3. Click Attach File.