Box Sign: Electronic Signatures

Box Sign: Electronic Signatures
Box Sign is just one of several tools available at Tufts for collecting data and digital signatures through electronic forms! For more information on these tools and how they compare, visit the Form Building FAQs page on AccessTufts!


Box Sign allows users to request and apply electronic signatures to files without the need for another application, like Adobe Acrobat or Power PDF, while also providing automated messaging and detailed record keeping throughout the signature process.

sample signature applied to a file via Box Sign

NOTE: Not everything requires, or even should use, an electronic signature. In cases where you can confirm the document was completed by the intended recipient, it doesn't need to also have an e-signature. For example, if you send a document through Box and add a collaborator to add information, Box records who edited the file and when. No additional e-signature is required.

The Box Sign dashboard is the main hub for digital signature activity within Box. To access it, log into the Tufts Box website and select Sign in the left-hand menu.

The Box Sign dashboard will look similar to what is pictured below. From here you can:

(A) View requests that you have sent and received.

(B) Modify/view request details, download documents, etc.

(C) Search.

(D) Filter requests.

(E) Start a new request from scratch.

(F) Use or create templates.

Box Sign Dashboard


  • You can add multiple files to a single request, if necessary.
    • At the end of the request process, each of the files included in the request will be saved separately.
  • Each request can be sent to a maximum of 35 recipients.
    • Email notifications are sent to whoever needs to sign the file.
    • Recipients do NOT need to have Tufts Box accounts to sign files.
  • Files sent for signature cannot be changed during the signing process. However, the modifications can be made to the request itself – add/remove recipients, change signing order, etc.
  • When the signing process is done, everyone gets an email with links to the signed file and the signing log.
  • Requests can be completed on mobile devices.
  • Requests can be sent to non-Tufts email addresses.