Manage My Settings and Devices

Manage My Settings and Devices

Accessing 2FA Settings and Device Management

  1. Navigate to the 2FA Service Page and click Manage.
  2. Log in with your Tufts username (e.g. jjumbo01) and password.
  3. When prompted, complete two-factor authentication using one of your previously-enrolled devices/methods.
  4. The device management page will load, with options to manage your devices or add a new one. See sections below for more information.Duo device management portal


By default, Duo will prompt you to complete two-factor authentication using whatever device/method you used last. This will continue to happen until you choose a different option, and then that will become your default going forward, and so forth.

When logging into a website and completing the authentication step, you can choose a different authentication option by clicking Other options in the prompt and making a selection.

Clicking More options in the Duo prompt allows you to pick one of your other available devices


This changes how your device is identified in the Duo 2FA service.

  1. Click Edit next to the device you want to manage and select Rename.Clicking Edit next to a device reveals the Rename option
  2. Enter the name you’d like to use and click Rename.Renaming a device
  3. The device will be renamed according to what you entered in the previous section.Successfully renamed device

Follow these steps to reactivate your Tufts account in the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone/tablet that you previously enrolled in Duo 2FA, which may be helpful if it became disconnected or you are experiencing errors during the authentication process. This should be done on a computer separate from the device that has the Duo Mobile app installed (i.e. use a laptop or desktop computer, not your smartphone or tablet you are reactivating).

Note that these directions are different from the steps needed to add a new device or replace an existing device.

  1. Click I have a new phone next to the device you want to manage. (Note: It’s okay that you didn’t really get a new device and instead you are reactivating your original device. It’s also okay if you’re dealing with a tablet and not a phone.)The I have a new phone option can be used to reactivate an existing smartphone or tablet
  2. Click Get started to confirm.Get Started
  3. Confirm that you have the Duo Mobile app on the device you are reactivating. When you’re ready, click Next.Next
  4. A QR code will appear on the screen. You will be using this to reactivate your device. There is also an option to use an activation link instead, if you prefer.(See Email an Activation Link if you do not wish to allow access to your device’s camera.)QR code
  5. On your mobile device, open the Duo Mobile app.
  6. Tap Add in the top right corner.Add option in the Duo Mobile app
  7. Select Use QR code.Use Qr code option
  8. If your device requests it, give Duo Mobile access to your camera so that you can capture the QR code.
  9. Hold your camera up to the QR code. Your device should automatically detect the QR code.
  10. Name your account “Tufts University” and click Save to complete the setup process.Naming the account Tufts University
  11. Back on your computer, you should see confirmation that the process is complete. Click Continue to close the popup window.Confirmation that the device was successfully added

If a device is no longer needed, you can remove it. (Note: If you only have one device, enrolled, you will not see the option to delete.)

  1. Click Edit next to the device you want to manage and select Delete.Clicking Edit reveals the option to Delete a device
  2. Click Delete to confirm. If you changed your mind, click Cancel.Confirming delete