Dial in to Outlook Voice Access

Dial in to Outlook Voice Access


There are currently two different telephone systems at Tufts. If you are using the older system, you can find instructions to dial into your voicemail under the "Analog Phones" tab. If your phone has been converted to Voice over Internet Protocol, please see the instructions under the "Voice over Internet Protocol Phones" section.

  1. Call the Outlook Voice Access number appropriate for your location as listed below:
    Campus Number*
    Medford/Somerville x75300 or (617) 627-5300
    Grafton x88700 or (508) 839-8700
    Boston x64000 or (617) 636-4000
  2. Enter your extension.
  3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and press #. If this is your first time logging in, enter your temporary PIN and press #. You will be prompted to select and enter a new PIN.

*If you get an error message when calling one of the numbers above, you may have been converted to VoIP. Members of Tufts that have been converted to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) should dial into (617) 627-8300 (using all 10 digits). Newer VoIP phones will be marked "Cisco." Older phones will be marked either "Avaya" or "Nortel." Click HERE for complete instructions on how to access voicemail on VoIP.

You can dial into voicemail from your desk phone or from another device.

Note: The information in this section is intended for Faculty and Staff who are still on the Exchange Unified Messaging system, not for people who have transitioned to Cisco Unity voicemail. For more information regarding the two systems, please visit the Accessing Voicemail for VoIP page. 


To dial into voicemail from your desk phone:

1. Dial 617-627-8300 or press the message button on your desk phone. The message button is circled in the image below:

Locate the Messages button on a Cisco phone

2. When prompted, enter your PIN number then press # key.


To dial into voicemail from another device:

1. Dial 617-627-8300

2. Type in the number associated with your Jabber account.

3. Enter your PIN then press the # key.