Customer Steps to Server "Go Live"

Customer Steps to Server "Go Live"

Enabling Monitoring

Your server will be provisioned in the TTS production-monitoring environment, but alarms for it are silenced to allow you to freely pursue development on it during its pre-live state.  You must send a request to to toggle your server into production monitoring. Until this happens, the server alarm will not function if it is down for any reason.

  • Once activated in monitoring, please send a heads-up notice if you plan to conduct any maintenance on the server that would result in it being temporarily down.

Perform a restore from back-up test

Performing an application restoration from a backup is strongly recommended before taking a service live.  If you would like to coordinate this activity, please contact for assistance.

Tell TTS the best way to validate the health of your service, not just the server

If you tell us the best way to validate the health of your service (from the perspective of a customer), we may be able to perform some baseline troubleshooting to make sure your server is healthy beyond standard systemic monitoring checks.

Confirm access permissions

Many of TTS customers utilize external vendors to help maintain their applications.  If you expect to have an external vendor working on your server please confirm vendor access is functioning before they come on site or are scheduled to work remotely.


For Linux VM: For Windows VM: