Business Transformation Project

The Business Transformation (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) project is a large multi-year university-wide project.

Executive Summary

The Tufts Transformation Program is about fundamentally shifting the way we work to focus on providing excellent service to customers. By transforming with new processes, modern tools, and automation,  we enable our staff, faculty, and students to interact with HR, Finance, Payroll, Procurement, and TSS in new ways.

People Process Culture


Details in Business Process Transformation Summary (April 2023)

Tufts Journey: Where Are We?

(May 2023)


    Our Guiding Principles

    Guiding Principles


    In November 2022, the following workstreams and activities were identified, focusing on building strong program management capabilities, efficient decision-making processes, and cross-organization collaboration.

    Progress since November


    DRAFT Roadmap