Computer Donation and Recycling

Service Information

Tufts computers can be recycled or donated to non-profits in the local area when they are no longer needed for institutional use.

Available To:

IT Professional
Arts & Sciences
Central Administration
Friedman School of Nutrition, Science and Policy
Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts School of Dental Medicine
Tufts School of Medicine
Benefits and Features: 

TTS offers a donation and recycling service to safely dispose of old University-owned computers. All data is removed from computers before donation or recycling. Community Relations will match available donated computers with local organizations who have a need. Only University-owned machines can be donated or recycled.


Most Tufts computers are recycled domestically for free. However, charges may be applied to large scale clean-outs. 

  • University-owned computers for donation must be 4 years old or less
  • TTS accepts donations of towers, monitors, and laptops
  • Any computer, regardless of age, that is University-owned is eligible for recycling 
Get Started: 
  1. Contact the TTS Service Desk to request a Support Provider copy all data from your old Tufts computer to your new computer. Data stored locally on the computer will not be preserved anywhere else, so this is an important step. Data on Tufts’ network shares drives (P:, Q:, R:) will still be available.
  2. Complete Facilities’ online service request formand request a pickup of your old computer.
    • For donations, please note in the description field that this is a pickup for the Tufts Computer Donation Program. Facilities will deliver your computer to TTS, where all data will be removed. The computer will be stored by TTS until Community Relations finds a suitable local recipient.
    • For recycling, please note in the description field that this is a pickup for the Tufts Recycling Program. Facilities will deliver your computer to TTS, where all data will be removed and the computer will be recycled.

If you have additional questions about the computer donation program, please contact the Office of Community Relations.