Jumbo 2020 Cybersecurity Bingo

Jumbo Bingo Winners!

Thank you to everyone who played the Tufts Jumbo 2020 Cybersecurity Bingo game! We hope you learned something new! 

Congratulations to the winners!

Jumbo Bingo (5 in a line) 

  • Joshua Grubbs 
  • Kathryn Jillson 
  • Susan Marino
  • Elyzabeth Lemieux 
  • Mary Brigid Cannon
  • Katy Mayerson 
  • Esther Adegoke 
  • Li Yin Cheok 


  • Annie Chen 
  • Courtney McDermott 
  • Sara Isgate 
  • Serban Gabriel Cismarescu 

Come Back and Learn More at Anytime!

All the information posted here will continue to be available when the contest ends. We hope you will come back, explore more topics, and share with others!

    Phishing Hooks & Phacts (SQUARE #1, 9, 12, 20, & 23)
    Learn some phishing phacts and how not to get hooked.
    Passwords - Your Key to Privacy (SQUARE #2)
    Ready to protect your privacy? Ready to make your Passwords stronger?
    Tips for Remote Work and Learning (SQUARE #3)
    Tips and resources for you to make your remote work and learning easier and more secure.
    Laptops, USBs and (&%739(+Z? (SQUARE #4)
    Learn about protecting your laptop and encryption.
    Your Phone - Your Privacy (SQUARE #5)
    Set up your smart phone to protect your privacy.
    Back up your Data - It's as Easy as 3:2:1 (SQUARE #6)
    Take these steps to protect your personal documents, photos and videos.
    Beware of Ransomware (SQUARE #7)
    Tips to keep your documents, photos and videos out of quarantine!
    DUO Asks - Is It Really You? (SQUARE #8)
    Be sure you triggered the Duo alert before accepting.
    Using Email Securely (SQUARE #10)
    Learn about how to send and receive encrypted/secure email messages.
    Got Sensitive Information? (SQUARE #11)
    Learn how to safely work with sensitive information at Tufts and at Home.
    Tufts Phishing and Vishing Bowls (SQUARE #13)
    Real Life Examples of Phishing and Vishing Attempts at Tufts
    Hire Your Own Password Manager (SQUARE #14)
    Learn about Password Managers and how to set them up.
    Look Under the Hood - Antivirus Scans (SQUARE #15)
    Learn how to obtain and use antivirus apps.
    Keep Your Computer Running At Its Best (SQUARE #16)
    Updating and protecting your computer.
    Vishing - You have a Say (SQUARE #17)
    What is vishing and what to do about it.
    Using WiFi Securely Everywhere (SQUARE #18)
    Tips for using WiFi Securely Everywhere.
    Apps On Your Phone? (SQUARE #19)
    Learn why and how to update your phone's apps.
    You and Your Smart Home (IoT) (SQUARE #21)
    Learn how to protect information shared on the internet (iRobot, Echo Dot, etc)
    It's Time to Hack Yourself (SQUARE#22)
    What can you do to protect yourself online?
    Your Online Self - Social Media Privacy (SQUARE #24)
    Being careful about what you share online.
    Add 2FA to a Personal Account (SQUARE- #25)
    Learn the basics of 2FA and how to add to your personal accounts.