Protecting University Data


TTS is committed to promoting and enabling the use of data to support the University’s academic, research, and teaching mission in a responsible and secure manner. You can do your part by asking the following questions whenever you work with University data:

Know your data 

  • What different types of data am I working with?
  • Which University policies apply to this type of data?
  • What University confidentiality level applies to each type of the data?
  • Do I have data that is regulated? 
  • Is the data subject to an agreement?
  • Do I have a need for all of the available data types?

Know your role and responsibilities 

  • Who is responsible for establishing policies and procedures for the types of data I have? 
  • Who is available to advise and support me in working with the data?
  • What is the scope of my role and my responsibilities for the data?
  • Who is permitted to have access to the data and for what purpose?
  • Are there agreements that must be established before I may share the data with another person?

Know what systems you may use for data 

  • Am I following the best practices for collecting, sharing, using, storing, and disposing of the data?
  • What requirements apply to a desktop or laptop computer, or other device used for the data?
  • What can I do to protect my devices and accounts?
  • What applications are approved for use with the data? What best practices should I follow?
  • What are the preferred systems and applications to use?