Data Strategy. - Denodo Platform Project

TTS is focused on a multi-year project to improve Tufts ability to get and use data. Our purpose is to provide the data and tools necessary for the University to operate smoothly. 

Tufts is implementing the Denodo Data Platform which gives TTS the flexibility to evolve our data strategies by providing:

  • An abstraction layer across all enterprise data assets. A single pane of glass.
  • Virtualized data access capabilities
  • Semantic modeling capabilities reveals the relationship between entities and makes the data easier to understand
  • An excellent user experience
  • Smart query capabilities
  • Seamless security and governance
  • A Cloud ready, data services layer
Denodo Platform

(Last updated April 2023)

Why are we doing it now?

Tufts currently utilized a host of technology to manage data with relatively great success. However, there are number of recent challenges that make it necessary to focus on a longer term strategy to achieve our vision, such as:

  • The use of data has increased dramatically over the past few years making it more challenging to support the needs of our customers
  • It takes too long to get new data sources into the DW,  and it is hard to support operationally
  • We have no data catalog, so things are hard to find without our involvement
  • The technical implementation of governance is inconsistent

What is the impact on Tufts and the community? 

The Denodo platform will enable us to reach our vision which includes:

  • Providing a single, explorable interface to the University’s data. This data will be centrally governed and accessible to all who require it.
  • Decreasing the movement of data into the DW and increase the use of data housed in the source systems
  • Providing a common tool set for turning data into information
  • Providing the tools and expertise to quickly integrate applications with real time data
  • Applying our analytic and visualization skills to specific business problems, in selected, highly leveraged cases

An example of this will be the ability to build and track the full student lifecycle in Denodo from:

  • Engagement
  • Recruitment
  • Application/Admission
  • Orientation/Enrollment
  • Studentship
  • Graduation