Duo Asks - Is it Really You?

Be sure you triggered the Duo alert before accepting!

Square #8

You probably use two-factor authentication through DUO almost every day to access key Tufts services, whether it’s the VPN, eServe, Box, Canvas, or Qualtrics, and many others. DUO’s simply a part of your routine.

In this square, you’ll learn more about making DUO work even better to protect your personal information and Tufts’ information, as well.

When you use DUO to access your account on one of the DUO’d Tufts systems, you will get a log in alert. You’re used to these. But what if you get one and you didn’t initiate it? You should:

    • immediately DENY the request.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated 

    • Change your Tufts password as soon as possible at: Change your Tufts Password
    • Contact the Tufts Service Desk by phone at 617-627-3376 (Call rather than email)

Register for a second device.

How to Add a New Device

Tufts will soon stop providing a list of 10 DUO access codes for people. But you can always obtain a passcode from the DUO app on your registered device (this works even if your phone is not connected to cell-service or WiFi).

1. Open the DUO app on your mobile phone or other mobile device.

2. In the Duo app, tap on the v

Duo code generator screen shot

3. A 6 digit code will appear.

4. Enter the passcode on the DUO screen to complete the verification process to access the Tufts service.

If your phone has been lost or stolen, contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 (call rather than email) to have your device removed from 2FA, so that unauthorized access is prevented.

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