Information Discovery

Information discovery tools can help to keep personally identifying information and institutional data secure. Tufts has purchased a university-wide license for Identity Finder, a suite of programs that help find personally identifiable information within files, folders, and documents on your computer. In addition, the console version of Identity Finder can be used by Tufts IT professionals to automatically scan a pre-defined set of computers, such as an entire department. Identity Finder can be used to:

  • Search files for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personally identifying information
  • Shred files to remove the information permanently from a computer
  • Set automatic searches of your computer or network
  • Home version available for personal use by staff, faculty, and students

To get started with Identity Finder:

For Home Use: Go to and select the correct version of Identity Finder Home Edition to download and install on your personal computer. For Tufts-owned computers, use the Office Edition (see below).

For Office Use: Departments may opt-in to using the Identity Finder console, which allows for central management. You can scan multiple computers and keep reports of the results. Individual users must have the Identity Finder client installed on their computer and only they can remove the files which contain personal information. The TTS Service Desk can provide guidance on installing the Identity Finder client or opting-in to the console.