Generative AI Tools

What AI tools can I access?

The following tools are recommended and supported*:

Login: You should login using your Tufts credentials when accessing Microsoft Copilot or Adobe Firefly. 

Protect confidential information: You should not enter Level 2-3 data (pretty much anything that should not be on a public webpage) into generative AI tools. Learn more in Guidelines for Use of Generative AI Tools.

*For support using Microsoft Copilot or Adobe Firefly contact

    Other generative AI tools include:

    Text generation

    Image generation

    How can I procure generative AI Tools?

    It is important that you connect with TTS before procuring generative AI tools to ensure that tools procured on behalf of Tufts have the appropriate privacy and security protections and provide the best use of Tufts funds. 

    1. If you have procured or are considering procuring generative AI tools or have questions, please contact TTS using these instructions.  
    2. Vendor generative AI tools must be approved by TTS as described here.