Audio and Video Options

When you enter a meeting, you will be prompted to select your audio and video connections.

For a quick overview, watch this video from Cisco about connecting audio and video

Meeting launch window


Video Options

Although it isn't required, using video makes meetings more engaging and is recommended. However, video does take up extra bandwidth. This can be a problem if you are joining a meeting from a location that doesn't have a great internet connection.

Click the video button to toggle video on/off.

video button


Audio Options

Good audio is essential to a productive meeting. Depending on the hardware you have available, where you are located, and your personal preferences, you can choose from one of several audio connections.

Choosing Use computer for audio will connect audio through your computer (VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol). WebEx will allow you to use dropdown menus to select speakers and microphones that are either built into or connected to your computer. It is highly recommended that you test your audio before a meeting.


Connecting and Testing Computer Audio

1. Select Use computer audio from the audio connection menu.

Selecting use computer audio

2. Click Test speaker and microphone toward the bottom right corner of the WebEx window. A “Speaker and Microphone” window will open. Use the Test buttons to check your speaker and microphone. You can also use the dropdown menus to change your device selections. Close the window when you are done.

Testing webex audio

3. When you are ready, click Start Meeting.

Start Meeting button


Choosing Call in will connect audio over the phone by using call-in information that WebEx provides.

1. Select Call in from the audio connection menu.

Selecting Call in option

2. Click the green Start Meeting button to join.

Start Meeting button

3. The meeting will launch. A “Call In” window will appear. Use your telephone to call the number provided. When prompted, enter the meeting Access Code and your Attendee ID.

Call in information window


Choose Don’t connect to audio if you want to join the meeting, but do not want to connect audio. An example of when you might do this includes if you are also joining the meeting in a conference room using the room's audiovisual equipment. If multiple audio sources in the same room are connected to the same meeting, it will create feedback that is disruptive to the meeting.

Selecting Don't connect to audio

When you are ready to join the meeting, click the green Start Meeting button.

Start Meeting button

Want to take a test drive?

WebEx offers a useful test meeting environment where you can play around with your audio and video settings, practice sharing content, and more. 

To try a test meeting:

1. Go to the WebEx test meeting site.

2. Enter your name and email address.

3. Click Join. WebEx will start a meeting for you. You can practice sharing connecting, adjusting your audio and video settings, etc.

4. When you are done, click on the red x button (End meeting button) in the bottom toolbar.

WebEx test meeting