Audio and Virtual Conferencing with WebEx

Host or participate in audio or virtual conferences at Tufts.  Connect to virtual conferences on your computer or in a conference room pre-equipped with a video conferencing device.

Tufts provides conferencing tools that collectively cover a wide range of use cases, including audio and virtual meetings, video conferencing, discussions, remote lectures, presentations and community collaboration.
  • Virtual Conference: Create an online/virtual environment using WebEx to meet with other participants in different locations.  Attendees interact with each other and share information the way they would in a face-to-face setting.  (Note: WebEx requires an internet connection.)
    • Host virtual meetings using WebEx
    • Participate in a virtual meeting
      • individually from anywhere using WebEx
      • with a group using equipment installed in conference rooms on all three campuses or portable systems that can be brought to your meeting rooms
      • using the WebEx app installed on your mobile device
  • Audio (Telephone) Conference
      • Using WebEx (up to 1000 participants - no fee)
      • Using your Tufts phone as a vehicle for discussions (up to 6 participants)
      • Setting up a Conference Bridge (up to 150 participants - requires a fee)