Home Screen Overview

Tufts WebEx home screen
1 The left-hand menu bar allows you to return to the home screen, start or schedule meetings, manage recordings, adjust preferences, and more.
2 Access other versions of WebEx and Cisco’s WebEx Support center.
3 Join a meeting by entering the meeting number or the Host’s Personal Room ID.
4 Launch an instant meeting. By default, instant meetings happen in your personal room.
5 Schedule an upcoming meeting.
6 See a list of the upcoming meetings in your calendar. Meetings that were scheduled through WebEx will have a "Start" button, making it easier for you to join.
7 Use the dropdown arrow next to your name to access additional settings, meeting reports, and log out of your Tufts WebEx account.
8 See personal rooms you've recently joined. You can pin important personal rooms to this section, keeping them there for easy access in the future.
9 See data about your recent meetings.