Hosting a Meeting

What is a Meeting Host?

The host of a WebEx meeting is a participant with special privileges that allow them to manage the meeting. For example, hosts can mute/unmute other participants, record the meeting, and even pass on the host role to someone else.

Who is the Meeting Host?

For scheduled meetings, the person that scheduled the meeting is the meeting host. However, the default at Tufts University is that the first person to enter a scheduled meeting is temporarily made the host until the person who scheduled the meeting enters the room. For an instant meeting that is started in someone's Personal Room, the owner of the room will be the host.

The host of a meeting can also pass the host role to another meeting participant.

When it is time for a scheduled meeting to start, WebEx will send the meeting host a reminder email. To join the meeting, click on the green Start button in the email.

Host reminder email

You can also join the meeting using the methods described in the "Joining a Meeting" page.

If you are the host of a meeting, you may want to pass hosting privileges on to someone else to let them run the meeting, especially if you need to leave the meeting.

Change role to host

Making someone else the host:

1. In the Participants panel, right-click on the person that you would like to make the host.

2. Click Change Role To.

3. Select Host.

There may be times when you need to reestablish yourself as the host of a meeting. 

Reclaiming the host role:

1. Have the current host assign the host role to you.


1. Click on Participants in the top menu bar.

2. Click Reclaim Host role.

3. Enter Host key.

4. Click OK.

Reclaim Host role and enter host key

1. Click on the red X button in the meeting toolbar. 

Leave button in the meeting toolbar

2. If you are the host of a scheduled meeting, a dialogue box will appear that gives you some options. Clicking on End Meeting will allow you to leave the room while ending the meeting for the other participants. Clicking on Leave Meeting will allow you to leave the room while making someone else the host so the meeting can continue without you. The first meeting participant who entered the room will become the host in this case.

Leaving a Scheduled Meeting with border


NOTE: You can also assign someone else as host first, and then leave the meeting! See the section on "Making Someone Else the Host".

Before the meeting

  • Practice sharing your presentation content beforehand.
  • Email presentation content to participants. This is useful in case anyone experiences technical difficulties that prevents the content from being shared or viewed during the meeting. An easy way to do this is to share a link to the content in Box that allows them to view the content but not edit it! For more information on how to do that, see the Tufts Box Online User Guide.
  • Encourage participants to install the WebEx desktop app or the appropriate browser plugins.
  • Encourage participants to test their audio/video before the meeting.
  • If you are using A/V equipment in a conference room, try setting it up and testing it out.
Participant Settings

Starting the meeting

  • Shut down any unnecessary programs on your computer.
  • Arrive to your meeting 10-15 min early.
  • Under the Participants tab in the top menu:
    • Mute on Entry (Recommended) - Determines if participants' audio is muted as they enter the room. Participants have the ability to unmute themselves.
    • Entry and Exit Tone - Determines if an audio tone will be played whenever a participant enters or leaves the meeting. By default at Tufts University, this is selected for you. You can deselect it.
    • Anyone Can Share - Determines if participants will be allowed to share content with the meeting without being made the presenter by the host. By default at Tufts University, this is selected for you. You can deselect it.
  • At the beginning of your presentation, consider having participants introduce themselves. This is a good way to make people more comfortable and test everyone's audio. If you muted participants' audio, you should unmute them first in case they don't know how to do it themselves!