Meeting Room Basics

The Meeting Room

When you enter a meeting, the meeting room will look similar to this:

WebEx meeting window

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen allows quick access to some basic meeting room functions.

WebEx meeting toolbar


WebEx participant panel


Displays meeting participants' names and allows for some basic controls.

  • Participants can see who is making noise/talking.
  • Hover over a participant's name to bring up options
    • Host may mute participant's audio by clicking on the microphone button. Participants can mute and unmute themselves.
    • Host may assign Presenter or Host privileges to others by right-clicking on their name and clicking Change Role To...
    • Clicking on the hand button allows participants to raise/lower their hand. Participants can only see if their own hands are raised.
WebEx Chat panel

Allows users to send text-based messages without interrupting the meeting.

  1. Use the Send to dropdown menu to select whether you want your message to go to everyone or a specific participant. Messages to specific participants are kept private.
  2. Type your message in the free-text box.
  3. Hit ENTER.

Your chat transcript will be recorded for you.

NOTE: The host can turn off the Chat feature by going to the top menu bar and clicking Participants > Assign Privileges.

WebEx Notes panel

Record personal notes here. When you are done, click Save and you will be able to save your notes as a .txt file.

By default, everyone has the ability to share content during a meeting. (Unless the host has disabled the sharing feature.) For a quick overview, watching this video from Cisco about sharing content.

1. Close any unnecessary programs/windows. Also, be mindful of what you are sharing with other participants, particularly sensitive information in emails and documents.

2. In the WebEx app, click the Share Content button in the bottom toolbar.

WebEx share window

3. Select what you would like to share with the other participants. You may choose to share your desktop or an open application.

  • Share Desktop - This will share everything that you have open on your computer.
  • Share Application - Only applications that are currently open on your computer are available. Keep in mind that you can only share one application at a time. Switching between applications will require you to stop sharing one application and then open another.
  • Other - Share a specific file, a whiteboard, and more.

4. A dropdown control bar will appear at the top of the screen. The control bar allows you to access the features that are present in the meeting room without taking up as much space. 

Sharing toolbar

5. When you are done, click Stop Sharing

Annotation of shared content is only available on the desktop app version of WebEx.

1. Share your content as described in the previous section.

2. From the dropdown control bar, select Annotate

Annotation button in sharing toolbar

3. A toolbar will pop up with available annotation tools.

Annotation tools

4. Annotations are automatically erased when you stop annotating or sharing the content. If you'd like to save annotations, click on the Capture Screen button to save a screenshot of your computer to your clipboard. You can paste this screenshot somewhere else, like a Word document, to save it.

5. Click on Annotate to stop annotation, or Stop Sharing if you are done sharing content.

Ending or Leaving a meeting

1. Click on the red X button in the meeting toolbar.

2. Depending on your role in the meeting, a dialogue window will open with options. If you are the host, one of the options will be to End Meeting, which will end it for everyone. Alternatively, you can select Leave Meeting, which will allow the rest of the participants to continue the meeting without you. If you want someone else to host the meeting in your place, you will need to make them the host before you leave.