Scheduling a Meeting

WebEx allows you to schedule meetings ahead of time and share the meeting information with participants. When you schedule a meeting, it will not take place in your Personal Room. The scheduled meeting will occur in a different room with a unique URL and Meeting number.

For a quick overview, watch this video from Cisco about scheduling WebEx meetings.

1. Log in to

2. Click on Schedule on the home screen. (Alternatively, you can click on the Meetings button in the left-hand menu and then click on the Schedule button there.)

Schedule button in WebEx

3. A new page will load where you can enter your meeting information.

Schedule a Meeting page


4. Schedule for – Choose Myself. If another Tufts WebEx user has given you scheduling permissions, you can select their name instead.

5. Meeting type – WebEx Meetings Pro 1000.

6. Meeting topic – Give the meeting a short, descriptive name.

7. Meeting password – WebEx will generate a random alphanumeric password for you, but you can change it to something simpler if you prefer.

8. Date and time – Click on the date/time to bring up a popup calendar where you can set the date, time, and duration of your meeting. Don’t worry about the meeting running longer than the duration you chose.

Selecting meeting date, time, and duration


9. To set a recurring meeting, select Recurrence and then determine the recurrence pattern. You may also choose to end the recurring meetings on a certain date or after a certain number of meetings.

Setting meeting recurrence


10. Attendees – You can type in the email addresses of the meeting participants that you want to invite. Suggestions will appear from the Tufts Directory. If you see the name of someone you want to invite, click on it to add them to the list.

Adding participants to Attendees field

TIP! Don’t invite people here. Schedule the meeting without attendees first, then put the meeting in your Outlook calendar and invite people from there. See the Inviting Attendees through Outlook section below.


11. If you do invite attendees here, you can select one or more of listed Tufts WebEx users to be alternate hosts for the meeting by clicking on the Alternate Host icon.

Selecting alternate hosts


12. Click Show advance options. Three tabs will appear with additional options for the scheduled meeting.

Show advanced options button


13. In the Audio connection options tab…

  • Audio connection type – Select WebEx Audio to give participants the option to connect their audio through their computer or over the computer (VoIP). You can also select Use VoIP only, in which case participants will only be able to connect audio through their computer.
  • Entry and exit tone – Select how you want WebEx to indicate that a participant has joined the audio portion of the meeting: Beep, Announce Name, or No Tone.
Audio connection options


14. In the Agenda tab…

  • Meeting agenda – Provide a more detailed description of the meeting’s topics, goals, etc.
Meeting agenda


15. In the Scheduling Options tab…

  • Cohosts – Check this box to automatically give the first person with a Tufts WebEx account who joins this meeting cohost privileges. The person must be logged in to their Tufts WebEx account. This also works for omeone joining from a Cisco video device on campus.
  • Automatic recording – Check this box if you want WebEx to automatically start recording the meeting as soon as it starts.
  • Exclude password – Check this box if you want to withhold the meeting password from invitations that are sent to attendees through the WebEx website (i.e. attendees who were listed in the Attendees field above).
  • Join before host - Check this box to allow participants to join the meeting up to 15 minutes before the host. 
  • Breakout sessions – Check this box to automatically enable the Breakout Session feature when the meeting starts. Breakout Sessions can also be enabled after the meeting starts.
  • Unlocked meetings – Decide how WebEx will handle guests when your meeting is unlocked. Guests are participants who are not logged in to Tufts WebEx accounts or joining from a Cisco video device on campus. Anyone joining from a Tufts WebEx account or Cisco video device on campus will automatically be able to enter an unlocked meeting.
  • Automatic lock – Check this box to have WebEx automatically lock your meeting after it starts. If this feature is enabled, you can choose to automatically lock the meeting up to 20 minutes after it starts. If a meeting is locked, anyone who tries to join will be placed in the lobby and will have to wait for the host to admit.
  • Registration - Check this box to ask participants to provide select information before the meeting, such as job title, company name, address, etc.
  • Email reminder - Check this box to opt into an email reminder from WebEx before the meeting is scheduled to start.
  • Meeting options - Click "Edit meeting options" to open a window where you can determine if meeting participants will be able to use features like chat and notes.
  • Attendee privileges - Click "Edit attendee privileges" to open a window where you can determine if meeting participants will be able to use features like the participant list, as well as who they can private chat with.
Scheduling options in WebEx

16. Click Schedule.

17. A confirmation page will appear that summarizes your scheduled meeting and ways to join.

Meeting confirmation


18. The icons located toward the top-right of the meeting info window allow you to:

Meeting info window icons

There are several benefits to using Outlook to invite attendees to your WebEx meeting. Once you create the invite, the meeting will be put on your calendar. When your invitees accept the invite, the meeting will be put on their calendars as well. By default, Outlook also reminds people about meetings 15 minutes before they are scheduled to start.

1. From the WebEx meeting confirmation window, click Copy. (Reminder: The Host key will NOT be copied.)

Copy meeting info button

2. Open a new Outlook meeting.

3. To - Add your attendees.

4. Subject - Name your meeting.

5. Location - WebEx.

6. Set the meeting duration, date, and times to match what you scheduled in WebEx.

7. In the body of the email, type a message about the meeting like you normally would. You can also include attachments.

8. Paste the WebEx meeting info that you copied in Step 1.

9. Click SendThe meeting will be placed on your calendar and the calendar of anyone who accepts the invite.

Outlook invite with WebEx meeting info


Giving someone else scheduling permissions

If you'd like someone else to have the ability to schedule meetings on your behalf, you will have to give them permission to do so first.

Granting scheduling permission:

1. From the home screen, select Preferences from the left-hand menu.

2. Click on Scheduling.

3. Under Scheduling permissions, type the email addresses of users who you would like to grant scheduling permission to.

4. Click Save.


The WebEx users who have been granted permission will now be able to schedule meetings for you. See the "Scheduling a Meeting for Someone Else" section below.

The person you are scheduling a meeting for must have previously given you permission to do so. See the "Giving Scheduling Permissions to Someone Else" section.

1. From the home screen, click Schedule a Meeting.

2. Under Schedule For, select the user you would like to schedule a meeting for.

Selecting someone else to schedule a meeting for

3. Fill out the rest of the meeting details.

4. Click Schedule. The meeting will be scheduled and the person for whom you scheduled the meeting will be the host.