Using WebEx in Conference Rooms

Many of the conference rooms at Tufts have audiovisual (A/V) capability, meaning that they have microphones, speakers, cameras, and video screens that can be used for presentations and remote conferencing. However, the equipment in every room is different. To ensure that your meeting goes smoothly when you are using this equipment, the following steps are recommended.


Before your meeting:

1. Go to the conference room that you plan on using and start a WebEx meeting on your computer. If the room has audio and video capabilities, use those. Do not use your computer's audio or video inputs/outputs. 

2. Connect your computer to the room's A/V equipment.

3. Make sure the audio input and outputs are functioning correctly.

4. Share your presentation materials and make sure they are viewable on the conference room screen.


When you are ready to start the actual meeting:

1. Start WebEx on the host’s laptop first. This is recommended so that the host can easily facilitate the meeting and access meeting room functions (Participant and Chat panels, Record button, etc).

2. If the room has A/V capability, use it. Turn off the audio and video sources on your laptop. Ask other participants to turn theirs off as well. This will prevent feedback that can be disruptive to the meeting.

3. Connect your computer to the room’s A/V equipment.

The TTS Service Desk is available 24/7 to provide remote assistance for WebEx and other technical services offered by the University. For support, email or call 617-627-3376.

If you encounter a problem that requires on-site support, a tech can be paged to your location Monday through Thursday (7 am to 9 pm) and Friday (7 am to 5 pm). Call 617-627-3376.

A/V Services also offers premium (at cost) support for events and conferences if you require on-site assistance with audiovisual equipment, including daily rentals of public address (P.A.) systems, laptops, and projectors. TTS can provide dedicated on-site technicians to set up and operate A/V Services at an hourly rate. Note that rates depend on whether the services are required during regular business hours (M-F, 8 am to 5 pm) or outside of regular business hours (after 5 pm and on weekends).

For more information on available services and pricing, visit the Classroom Tech and A/V Support page.

To request services, please fill out the A/V and Video Conferencing Service Request Form.