Microsoft Bookings: Appointment Scheduling

Important Note about Availability: Depending on your current Tufts Microsoft license, Bookings may not be available to you yet. If you try to access Bookings and get a message about licensing, please email for assistance.


Microsoft Bookings is a calendar application that allows “businesses” – individuals or groups of people who offer specific services – to schedule and keep track of upcoming appointments with customers. Through Bookings, the “business”…

  • creates a dedicated calendar for appointments (example pictured below),
  • defines the services it is able to provide,
  • and assigns staff members to those services.
Sample Bookings calendar

Once the calendar is set up, the business staff can manually create appointments on customers’ behalf or give their customers access to a self-service booking page where they can schedule appointments themselves based on staff availability.


Note about Appointment Locations

When setting up services, you can indicate a physical location for in-person appointments or you can enable an online meeting option. When the online meeting option is turned on, Bookings will automatically create a unique Microsoft Teams virtual meeting for each appointment.

Prefer to use Zoom instead of Teams for virtual appointments? See the page on Using Zoom Meetings for Bookings.

Visit the Bookings website and log in with your Tufts credentials. You may also need to complete two-factor authentication. NOTE: It is also possible to integrate Bookings calendars directly into Microsoft Teams!

If you want to temporarily hide a Bookings calendar from customers but don't want to delete the calendar completely, simply unpublish the booking page.

If you need to completely delete a Bookings calendar, please email with your request.