Additional Folder Settings

You can configure additional settings for an individual folder by clicking on the More Options button for that folder and selecting Settings. Some of these options are described below.


Invitation Restrictions

  • Only folder owners and co-owners can send collaborator invites – Limits the ability to share the folder via collaborator invites to owners and co-owners of the folder.
  • Restrict collaboration to within Tufts University – Only users within Tufts University will be able to join the folder as collaborators.
  • Allow anyone who can access this folder from a shared link to join as a collaborator – People who can access the folder from a shared link will be given the option to join the folder. If enabled, you can also select whether they join as an Editor or a Viewer.


  • Disable commenting for this folder – Prevents people from leaving comments on files within the folder. Also hides any previous comments from users.

Shared Link Access

  • Only collaborators can access this folder via shared links – Restricts access to the folder’s contents through a shared link to collaborators. Shared links for the folder and its contents will automatically be set to “Invited people only”. If enabled, you can determine if the restriction will apply to files and folders, folders only, or files only.


  • Hide collaborators and their activity from non-owners – If enabled, only folder owners and co-owners will be able to see the full collaborator list for a folder. Files version details and comments on files from other non-owners will show up as being from an anonymous user.

Watermark Folder

  • Enable watermarking for this folder - If enabled, a watermark with a viewer’s username and time of access are placed on images and documents to prevent unauthorized sharing. Only images, text-based documents, and presentations are supported. File types that are not supported include Box Note, video, audio, flash and 3D files. Unsupported files will not be viewable to Previewer Uploaders, Viewers, and Previewers if this option is enabled.

Email Uploads

  • Allow uploads to this folder via email – Checking this box generates an email address that people can use to upload content to the folder via email attachments. If selected, you can also choose to restrict email uploads to folder collaborators.
  • Overwrite files with the same name when uploading by email or widget – When enabled, files uploaded via email or widget will automatically become the most current version of any file that has the same name.

Delete or Unshare

  • Auto-delete this folder on a selected date – The folder will automatically be moved to your Trash on the date that you specify.
  • Unshare this folder on a selected date – The shared link to the folder will automatically be disabled on the date that you specify. Collaborators will remain on the folder.


  • Use my default notification settings – Email notification settings for the folder will match your Account Settings.
  • Override default settings for this folder and all subfolders – Click this to override your Account Settings for this folder and select custom email notification settings.
  • Disable all email notifications for all collaborators – Turns off email notifications for a folder and its contents for all collaborators.