File Version History

Box automatically keeps track of each version of a file that you save, making it easy for you to go back in time and view or restore previous drafts. This eliminates the need for you to save different versions of the same file with different names. For a demonstration, watch the video on Box Version History.

NOTE: Box will only keep the 100 most recent versions of a file for viewing and restoring. Any versions that came before that will still be listed in the version history, but they will not be accessible.

1. Log in to with your Tufts username and password.

2. Find the file that you want to access the history for.

3. Click on the version indicator icon next to the file name.

Version indicator

4. A file preview will open with the version history panel on the right-hand side. The most current version of the file is shown on the left.

Version history timeline in preview window

5. To preview a version, click on it in the history timeline. The version preview will appear on the left. (Note: Version preview is only available for the 100 most recent versions of a file.)

6. For the 100 most recent versions of a file, a More Options button (More Options button in the version history timeline) will also be available.

version options

Clicking on the More Options button will open a dropdown menu. From here, you can:

  • Preview (Preview button in file version history) - Open a preview of the file version.
  • Download (Download button in file version history) - Save a copy of the file version.
  • Make Current (Make Current button in file version history) - Create a duplicate of the file version and make it the most current version of this file.
  • Delete (Delete button in file version history) - Remove the file version from the history timeline.