Leaving Tufts and Preserving Content

If you are preparing to leave Tufts (graduation, etc.), you are able to preserve your files in Tufts Box on a personal Box account. In order to follow these steps, you must first set up a non-Tufts (personal/commercial/etc.) Box account.

Cleaning Up Your File List

1. Log in to your Tufts Box account at tufts.box.com.

2. Go through your files and folders and carefully delete anything you don't need. Only delete items that belong to you. Do not delete files or folders that are owned by other people.

Transferring Ownership of Content

If you own important content in Box that other people will need access to after you leave Tufts, you can transfer ownership to one of your collaborators. This must be done on the original folder they were invited to collaborate on. It cannot be done on a subfolder that is inheriting rights from a parent folder.

1. Identify the folder to be transferred.

2. Click on the Share button. The Share window will appear.

3. Click on the Shared with... text toward the top right of the share window. If no collaborators have been invited yet for this folder, you will need to do that first. See the page on Sharing Files and Folders.

4. Click on Manage All. A list of collaborators and their permission levels will appear.

5. Find the person you would like to transfer ownership to and click on the Permissions dropdown next to their name.

6. Select Owner. A warning dialogue will appear. If you transfer ownership of a folder, you will automatically be given Editor status on that folder. Other collaborators who have been invited to that specific folder will retain access to it, while collaborators who have access via parent folders will lose access and need to be re-invited if necessary.

Ownership Transfer Warning Dialogue

7. Click Okay.

Saving Your Personal Files and Folders

1. Navigate to your All Files list.

2. Click on the New button.

3. Select Folder.

4. Name your folder Tufts Box Content.

5. Invite Additional People - Enter the email associated with your non-Tufts Box account.

6. Permission - Select Co-owner.

7. Click Create.

8. Move all of your existing folders and files into the Tufts Box Content folder. Be careful to only move items that belong to you. Do not move items that belong to other people and be careful about files with sensitive information!

9. Log in to your non-Tufts Box account.

10. Copy or move each folder or file from the Tufts Box Content folder to another location in your non-Tufts Box Account. You can do this by selecting all of the files or folders at once by clicking on the first item, holding down the shift key, and clicking on the last item.

11. Click the Move or Copy button.

12. In the window that opens, select a new destination (for example, All Files).

13. Click Copy (or Move).