Searching in Box


Box can help you find items by searching the names, contents, and data of your files and folders using terms that you provide. Searching is possible on the Box website as well as through Box Drive. When searching on the Box website, you can also filter your search results to be more specific.

Searching on the Box Website

1. In the home screen, click on the search bar.

2. Type in the terms that you would like to search by. As you type, Box will start to suggest files/folders. If you see what you are looking for, click on it.

Searching Box by keyword

3. Press Enter or click on See all results to see all of the search results.

4. Too many results? You can filter your results using the dropdown menus provided for “File Type”, “Date Modified”, etc.

Search results

5. When you find the file/folder that you’d like to view, click on it. Alternatively, you can perform tasks from the More Options and Share buttons next to each file/folder name.

The search feature for Box Drive is separate from your computer’s file search feature. Searching for files in your computer’s file manager will NOT return results from Box.

1. Click on the Box Drive icon in the menu bar (Mac) or system tray (Windows). A search window will appear.

Box Drive Search

2. Type in your search terms. Results will show up in real time.

3. Double click on the file you’d like to open.

Drive search results