Transferring Ownership of Box Content


To transfer ownership of content in Box, you must make one of your collaborators the new owner of its parent folder. You cannot transfer ownership of individual files in Box. Each Box folder can only have one official Owner. When you transfer ownership to someone else, you become an Editor on the folder.

Additional Notes:

  • If the person you are transferring ownership to isn’t a collaborator on the folder already, you’ll have to invite them to the folder first.
  • When you transfer ownership of a folder, you are also transferring ownership of all of its contents (subfolders and files).
  • If the item isn’t in a folder, or if it is in a folder with other items that you do NOT want to transfer, create a new folder, put the item in it, then transfer that new folder.


Transferring Ownership of a Box Folder

  1. Visit the Tufts Box website and log in with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Find the folder and click on the Options button. Then, select More Actions and Manage Collaborators.Manage Collaborators option
  3. A page will load with a list of your collaborators for that folder. Find the collaborator, click on their current permission level, and select Owner.Making someone else an owner
  4. The following message will appear on your screen. Click Okay to confirm that you’d like to pass on ownership.Confirming you want to change the item's owner
    When the transfer is complete, you will be listed as an Editor on the folder. The folder will be moved to the “root” (top level) folder of the new owner. Any collaborators who had access via a parent folder will no longer have access to it and must be re-invited if necessary.Example of a new owner listed on a Box folder