CampusKey Mobile Test Scheduling App

CampusKey is a mobile app designed to manage the testing experience for students, faculty and staff at Tufts University.

Using the app you can indicate the most convenient places and times for you to be tested. Once a week, new test schedules will be generated  for you and displayed in the app. In between the generation of new schedules you can change your preferred test sites and availability.  These will take effect the following week.

If you have trouble installing or using the app, or want to provide feedback, please send a detailed email to

Search for the string “Tufts CampusKey” in either the Apple App Store (Apple devices) or the Google Play store (Android devices) and download the app.

Once you have the app on your phone you need to register it with Tufts. See the instructions below and/or watch the CampusKey Walkthrough Video tutorial.

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter your Tufts University email address
  3. Hit submit.
  4. A key code will be sent to your email address. Enter this code into the app. Please note it may take several minutes to received the code.

Once you have registered, you will be taken to the Onboarding page.

  1. In the list of test sites, add a 1 to your preferred testing location.
  2. Continue to rank the sites by adding a number next to the site name. You do not need to rank more than one site if you prefer to only be tested at one location.
  3. Leave the box next to a site name blank, ensures you will not be scheduled at that site.
  4. You can change your site rankings at anytime.
  5. When you are finished ranking the sites click Next.

  1. On the availability page, choose the testing times that are most convenient for you. Note: By default all availability windows are set as available. You need to deselect those times during which you are not available. 
    • The availability windows are only used for the next week's scheduling. You can change them at any time. Appointments are generated on Sunday.
    • If you are being tested twice/week, you must enter at least two (preferably more) availability windows that are more than two days apart, i.e. Mon and Thurs, or Wed and Sat.
    • We suggest that you provide more than the minimal number of availability windows to give the scheduler more flexibility to generate the most convenient schedule for you.
  2. Click Submit when you are done.
  3. You will prompted to allow Campus Key to send you notifications. Click Allow. This will allow the app to receive push notifications containing your next scheduled test. You have now successfully set up the app.

A weekly schedule goes from Monday through Sunday. The scheduler typically runs on Sunday. It is only after this has occurred that you will see your first appointment for the coming week.

You can see your next scheduled appointment by clicking on the Appointments Tab

Should you need to change your preferred test sites or your availability, click on the Support tab at the bottom of the page. Please note that you cannot currently edit your existing choices. You must create a new list of ranked sites and a completely new set of availabilities.

You cannot reschedule appointments that were assigned by the app. If you can no longer get tested during your scheduling window, please go to the test center during a scheduling window prior (not more than 24 hours) to your appointment. 

Missing appointments will cause you to be listed as non-compliant with Tufts testing standards. This will be reported to your school or department executive management.