Implementing an Approved Change Request

Once a change request has been approved by the manager (or the listed alternate approver) and/or the CAB, it is set to the Scheduled state. It stays in this state until you are ready to implement the change.

Implementing the change consists of logging in TechConnect that work has begun, optionally using TechConnect to communicate with your team, and logging in TechConnect that the work has been completed.

  1. When work on the change has started, open TechConnect.
  2. In the left sidebar, you can navigate to either My Changes Created or Open to view a list of your change requests. Navigate to the change you're beginning work on.You can get to changes in the left sidebar
  3. Underneath the middle form, click Start Work.Start Work is the second button.
  4. The state of the change request will move from Scheduled to Implement.
  5. In the change form, the middle section has a Work Notes tab.
    Note: You can use the Work Notes tab to communicate with your team and the stakeholders. Just like service now, work notes are not required, but it creates a logged communication. When you enter communication, press Update (either in the top right of the screen or directly under the work notes) to save the communication.
    Work Notes is the second tab

When you’re finished implementing the change, take these steps to mark the change as complete in TechConnect:

  1. Set a Completion Code in the Work Notes Tab; for example, “Complete – Successful.”Completion Code is the top field
  2. Fill in the Completion Detail notes.Completion detail is the second field
  3. Press Work Complete in the top right of the form.
  4. You’re finished! The change will enter the Post-Review state. It will be reviewed for lessons learned during the next CAB Meeting, and the CAB Manager will close the change.