Submitting an Emergency Change Request

Emergency Changes can occur inside or outside business hours. These are changes that cannot wait for the normal approval process. Emergency Changes are susceptible to risk, require director approval and:

  • Necessitate immediate action to restore a service or to protect electronic records/data, product or IT hardware.
  • Are required to address an immediate security threat.
  • Should be aligned directly with incidents.
  • Are ideally intended to be permanent.

In the Change Request form, most steps will be skipped. The information you enter in the change request module in TechConnect is predominantly for tracking of the change.

  1. Log into TechConnect
  2. From the Change section of the Main Navigation menu, click Create New.Create new is at the top of the Change section
  3. From the Change types screen, click Emergency.Emergency is the third change option
  4. You will be brought to the Post Review state of a new change request.
  5. Enter a Short Description detailing what the change was and why.Short descriptions can be a few words or sentences
  6. By default, the emergency change will be sent to your director for approval. If the change needs to be approved by someone other than your director (for example, if you’re doing work for another team), enter that person in the Alternate Approver field. You can start typing and autofill options will appear.Autofill is pulled from the Tufts DirectoryYou can also click the magnifying glass to search for the correct person.
    Magnifying glass is on the right side of the field


Click Save in the top right. You’re done!