Telephone using Jabber on a Mac


There are slight differences between the call interfaces on Jabber for a PC and Jabber for a Mac. The links below contain documentation that overview the call interface on Jabber for the Mac. 


To learn more about setting your preferences for Jabber's call features, please see this page.

Once you select the green Handset button to begin your call, a call window appears.  The buttons at the bottom of the window provide additional features during the call. 

Image of Call Menu on Mac Jabber

  • Mute:  Mute/Unmute your calls 

  • Start/Stop Self Video: Turn on/off video camera (If your computer has a video camera installed in or attached to the monitor) 

  • Volume: Turn volume up or down 

  • Keypad:  Enter PIN numbers or other numeric information while on a call 

  • More: Access Transfer, Hold, and Merge call features 

  • Red handset: End a call 

Additional options at the top of the window 

  • Click video camera icon (Self-View) to turn on or off the thumbnail of your video. 

  • Click the ellipsis (...) to access the ability to Share Screen or Meet Now (launch an Instant WebEx).   Note: Share Screen only works when the person on the other end of the call is also using Jabber. 

  • The gear wheel next to the ellipsis launches the Audio/Video Preferences window. 

Initiate a call from jabber on mac

  1. In the "Search or call" field, type the name of the person or the 10-digit telephone number of the person you wish to call. Note: As you enter the name of a contact, if they are located in the Tufts Directory or stored in your Outlook Address Book they will appear in the Search window.  When the contact appears, you may see an email as well as a phone number, always select the phone number when using Jabber.

  1. If you entered a contact name, select the person you wish to call. 

  1. Select the green Handset button. 

Options for incoming calls Jabber for Mac

When someone calls you a popup window indicating the incoming call will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. 

To accept a call: Click the green Answer button. 

To decline a call: Click the red Decline button. 

To chat reply: Click Chat and your caller will receive a chat message from you. 

While on a call, you can transfer to another person. 

  1. Click the More button (three dots) on the Call Menu.

  1. Select Transfer. 

  1. Enter the contact name or 10-digit number of the person you wish to transfer the call to. 

  1. Click the green handset button. 

  1. Once the other party answers, click Transfer. 

If you wish to have more than one caller on a telephone call, you can merge multiple calls to create a conference.  Note: You can have up to six participants in a conference call, including yourself. 

Image of merging two calls on Jabber for Mac


Add an Incoming Call to a Current Call 

If you are on a call and receive an incoming call you are able to merge the two into a conference call: 

  1. On your current call, click the More button on the Call Menu. 

  1. Select Hold. 

  1. Answer the incoming call. 

  1. Once the second call has connected, click the More button of the Call Menu again. 

  1. Select Merge with ___. 

Create a Conference Call 

You can create a conference call from the Hub by calling one participant and afterwards calling the next participant.  

  1. Call the first person you wish to have on the Conference Call. 

  1. Navigate back to the Hub with the first person still on your line. Jabber will automatically place the first person on hold after you initiate the second call. 

  1. Call the next person you wish to have on the Conference Call. 

  1. On the second call, click the More button on the Call Menu. 

  1. Select Merge with___ to merge the two calls and create a Conference Call. 

Unanswered calls are automatically forwarded to your voicemail.  You can also choose to forward your calls to another number.  Note: If the forwarded call is not answered, it will not return to your Tufts voicemail. 

Forward a Call 

  1. Click the drop-down next to the call-forwarding icon at the bottom of the Hub window. 

  1. Select Forward calls to. 

  1. Select the number you wish to use. 

Forward calls on Jabber Mac

Add a number to your call-forwarding list 

  1. Select New Number... 

  1. In the highlighted, enter your 10-digit number.  Note: do not add any text or punctuation. 

  1. Click the Enter key.