Using Jabber with your Desk Phone

If you are using both the Cisco Jabber application and a desk phone converted to VoIP you have the ability to initiate a call through the application and then use the desk phone to talk.  You do not need to manually dial a telephone number on the desk phone key pad and contacts on the Cisco Jabber application are identified from your Jabber contacts, the Tufts Directory, and your Outlook contacts if you are using a PC. 

Dialing Changes using VoIP 

Whether you choose to use a handset or the application Cisco Jabber on your computer to make a telephone call, the new VoIP system has two significant changes for making said calls. 

  1. You will need to enter all 10 digits when calling any number, even on campus. 

  1. You no longer need to dial 9 to get an outside line. 

Set Up

Set up desk phone to work with Jabber

  1. Open and log into Cisco Jabber. 

  1. Locate the computer icon at the bottom left of the Cisco Jabber window. 

  1. Click the dropdown next to the icon. 

  1. Select Use my Desk Phone for calls

Making a Call 

  1. In the Cisco Jabber window, enter the name of the contact you wish to call in the search or call window. 

  1. Click the green Handset icon to initiate the call. 

  1. Pick up the handset of your desk phone to speak to the person you called.