Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered here, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Q. Why isn’t the trusted browser feature working?

A. The trusted browser feature works per browser and per device.  First check to see if you are using the same browser you used when you selected that option.  Additionally, your system should not be set to automatically remove cookies if you want to have it remember you. See "The Trusted Browser Feature" for more information.

Q. What if I am traveling?  What should I do about my account?

A. If you won't have cellular or internet access while you are traveling and will be unable to authenticate using phone calls and push notifications through the DUO mobile app, we recommend you contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 to discuss your options.

Q. Can I delete my two-factor account?

A. In order to continue protecting data at Tufts, we recommend you do not delete your two-factor account. Please contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 if you have issues with or have questions about your two-factor account.

Q. I'm a systems administrator. How long will I have access to a server before a time-out?

A. Time-outs are session specific and they are therefore determined by the computer's policy.  The amount of time you can stay logged in to a server after you have authenticated with 2FA will vary depending upon each server.


Q. I don't have my device with me, what do I do?

A. If you do not have access to any of your enrolled devices, you can contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 to review your options.

Q. How can I get a passcode?

A. Passcodes can only be generated through a dedicated Duo hardware token. See “Hardware Token Passcode” for details or Contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 for more information. (Note: Passcodes that are generated through the DUO Mobile application are NOT supported!)

Q. I pressed Accept on my smartphone, why isn't it going through?

A. Depending on where and when you pressed Accept, you may need to unlock your phone as well.

Q. How do I enroll my laptop/desktop computer?

A. You do not need to enroll your laptop/desktop computer.  2FA is designed to confirm your identity using something you KNOW and something you HAVE. Think of your computer as the first factor, where you input something you know (your username and password). The second factor is a device you have and you use to confirm your identity (e.g. a smartphone with the Duo Mobile app).

Q. What if I don't want to carry a phone around with me?

A. You can contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 and request a token/fob. For additional detail see “How to Log in with 2FA”.

Q. What if I get a new phone?

A. What you should do depends on how you set up the new phone.

If the new phone is meant to replace the old one and it has the same phone number, follow the directions for replacing an existing smartphone.

If the new phone has a different phone number from the old one, follow the directions for adding a new device.

Q. What if I lose my phone or tablet?

A. If your phone has been lost or stolen, contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376 to have your device removed from 2FA, so that unauthorized access is prevented.

Q. I entered my phone number incorrectly. How do I fix it?

A. If you entered the incorrect number while adding a device, remove the incorrect device from your account and start over adding the new device/number.

Q. Why is Duo Mobile push notification giving me an Unknown Error?

A. If you are receiving a message with Unknown Error: An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made you may need to switch the wireless connection on your device to Tufts_Secure. 

Q. Do I need to have a data plan to receive a push notification?

A. No, but you need to be able to connect your device to a wireless network. 

Q. Why don't I receive a push notification when I'm using the Tufts_Guest network?

A. Tufts_Guest is not intended for use by Tufts' faculty or staff.  Switch your device's wireless network to Tufts_Secure to receive push notifications properly.

Q. How do I re-activate Duo Mobile?

A. If your Duo Mobile app is no longer linked to your Tufts account you can re-activate it. See Reactivating the Duo Mobile App on a Device.

Q. What do I do if I lock out my Duo Mobile account?

A. If an account has been unsuccessfully used to access a Duo enabled server ten (10) times, the account becomes locked out as a security measure.  In order to unlock your account, you must contact the Service Desk at 617-627-3376.  If you believe it is a result of your account being hacked, contact Information Security as well.

Q. What if I do not want to use the camera on my smartphone to set up my account?

A. You have the option to email an activation link to you. However, you must be able to access the email from the device you are registering with 2FA. See Email an Activation Link for details.